CrewDriver Text Message System

We use an automated text message system called CrewDriver to find and confirm available workers from our roster for our events.

We will always make every effort to provide as much notice as possible for scheduling, but sometimes things happen and we need help in a hurry. The sooner you can confirm your availability and reply to the text message call for workers, the more likely you are to get the job. If positions still need to be filled and you haven’t yet replied, you may get another text message prompting you to respond as soon as possible.

If a job you’re interested in fills up before you get a chance to confirm, but isn’t yet closed, it will respond with a message saying that you’ve been added to the waitlist for the job.


A text message call will look very similar to this, but will include the words “ERW – Work Offer” and will be 2 messages:
text1 Job Code – WCRO 0
Job Name – Festival Tent Install
Date and Time of Work – Feb 6 Fri 15:00-17:00
Location – SLCC (venue name or for a less well-known location, we will provide the address)
Notes/Description – we’ll list things you need to bring to work, etc.
Response Instructions – WCRO 0 YES/NO

If you are available and want to work, go ahead and reply. When responding, you must input the job code as well as YES or NO, or else the system won’t know which job you’re confirming.

If you confirmed with a YES, you’ll get a confirmation message:
It will have the job name, date, time and meeting location, plus any info you’ll need once you arrive to work – for example, See Keith on arrival.